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On the following pages you will find information about the northern border area between the former prussian provinces Pomerania and Westprussia. This includes following counties:
county province additional information for this county can be accessed at:
Bütow Pomerania Klaus-Dieter Kreplin
Lauenburg Pomerania
Stolp Pomerania stolp.de by "Stolper Heimatkreise e.V."
Karthaus Westprussia
Neustadt Westprussia
Putzig Westprussia

For family research in Pomerania I can recommend Pommerscher Greif e.V.
and for Westprussia by Hans-Jürgen Wolf at westpreussen.de.

Of course lots of info at: genealogy.net - Homepage

If no other sources listed, statistical data belong to December 1st, 1905 and are taken from following publication:

Gemeindelexikon für das Königreich Preußen
Auf Grund der Materialien der Volkszählung vom 1. Dezember 1905
und anderer amtlicher Quellen
bearbeitet vom
Königlich Preußischen Statistischen Landesamte.
Berlin SW. 1908.
Verlag des Königlichen Statistischen Landesamts.

Heft II
Provinz Westpreußen
Heft IV
Provinz Pommern

Thanks to all who have helped collecting all information. Especially Fritz Schulz for his great work on his "new" maps of the old area.

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